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Proactive solutions to ensure the reliability, performance and quality of real-time IP communications

For many enterprises deploying IP telephony, IP voice quality issues are commonplace. Both users and administrators complain when words seem to disappear during choppy calls, when parties talk over one another, and when calls get unexpectedly cut off.

Furthermore, it is far more complex to converge an IP telephony system on an existing data network than it is to deploy a traditional circuit-switched system. A major factor in the complexity is the deployment and management of a coherent and consistent enterprise Quality of Service (QoS) policy that prioritizes time-sensitive voice traffic.

Creating a QoS policy for a converged network is a tedious, time-consuming task that many enterprises simply ignore, or even worse, set and forget. Typically, with set-and-forget methodologies, a converged network is unable to adapt the QoS policy proactively as the network changes, as traffic changes and as needs of the enterprise change.

Given the dynamic nature of the network infrastructure and the traffic it supports, shouldn’t service quality management (SQM) be dynamic too?